wow riders


  • $40 Alberta Bicycle Association third party liability insurance (incl. GST)

  • $TBC WOW Club Kick Back (+ transaction fee)

    • Coaching from certified instructors

    • Early registration for skills clinics and events

    • SWAG

    • Opportunity to purchase WOW Jersey, water bottle and socks (Specialized Custom designs)


what to bring / wear

  • Mountain Bike - full suspension or hard tail (hybrids or commuters are not appropriate for mtb trails)

  • Helmet (mandatory)

  • Clothing for the weather

  • Gloves (recommended)

  • Shoes (clipless or flat and must be close toed)

  • Pads/Armour (optional)

  • Chamois (aka padded shorts; recommended)


what to pack (at minimum)

  • Tube (26", 27.5", or 29" depending on your tire size)

  • Tire pump (hand held)

  • C02 cartridge

  • Tire leavers

  • Chain link (9, 10, 11, or 12 speed depending on your drive train)

  • Multitool

  • Hydration pack / water bottle

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray



  • Ride responsibly

  • Always be in control of your bike

  • Be courteous to other trail users and their pets

  • Leave no trace - no littering / no skidding

  • Plan ahead, be prepared, carry your own tools, and be self-sufficient


If poor weather conditions (rain, mud, etc) force us to cancel a Wednesday ride, we will try to host a Yoga for Cyclists session at Revolution Cycle.

Tuesday rides will not be replaced by yoga sessions.

Club Rides

**membership required**


Three to four times a month from all over the YEG River Valley! Revolution Cycle, Local Pub, Terwillegar, Sunridge, and the Muttart!  Coaching you to become a more confident rider.

  • Beginner A caters to the rider who is new to mountain biking (or cycling in general). We will focus on skill development in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. The goal is to get the riders on the sweet single track but always at their pace.

  • Beginner B caters to the riders who know how to keep the rubber down, and understand breaking and shifting. This group will work on advancing their skill to be confident on the single track.

  • Beginner C focuses on moving riders into new comfort zones with safety in mind. Testing limits on technical sections and getting ready for Flow.



Three to four times a month from all over the YEG River Valley!  Revolution Cycle / Specialized, Local Pub, Terwilligar, Science Park, and The Columbian (a new cafe to YEG). 

  • Flow A caters to riders who are experienced for single track but might not be feeling super confident on all sections and don't want to go for a long time. Flow rides will focus on riding the trail from start to finish and offer some coaching on difficult sections.

  • Flow B riders learn advanced maneuvers to take their riding to the next level. Distance isn’t the name of the game here; this is an instructional trail ride.

  • DISTANCE (20+ kms) caters to riders experienced with all single track and want to go the distance. Kelsey will take you on an incredible tour of the river valley.