Wow riders


club rides are wednesdays @ 6:30 pm ~ Skills development & instructional trail rides

all riders will participate in a skill workshop on May 8. This way coaches and ride leaders can best assess experience levels and create the groups below to benefit each riders development.

If poor weather conditions (rain, mud, etc) force us to cancel a ride, we will try to host a Yoga for Cyclists session at Revolution Cycle.


  • $41.00 Alberta Bicycle Association third party liability insurance (+ GST)

  • $75.00 WOW Club Kick Back (+ transaction fee)

  • Plenty of certified coaches (NCCP Community Trained and/or PMBI Level 1) and experienced ride leaders. Check them out!

  • SWAG (compliments of our Partners)

  • Discounted registration for Specialized Sweet Skills clinic

  • Option to purchase WOW Jersey for $75.00 (incl. GST & shipping)


Small groups of 10 riders to ensure one-on-one time for essential skill development!

  • Gears (Beginner C) caters to the rider who is new to mountain biking (or cycling in general). We will focus on fundamental skill development in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere. The goal is to get the riders on the sweet single track but always at their pace.
    Maximum 10 riders.

  • Puddle Jumpers (Beginner B) caters to the riders who know how to keep the rubber down and rolling plus have an understanding of the fundamentals. This group will work on advancing their skills to be confident on the single track.
    Maximum 10 riders.

  • Ratchets (Beginner A) focuses on moving riders into new comfort zones with safety in mind. Testing limits on technical sections and getting ready for Flow.
    Maximum 10 riders.



Group sizes of 6 - 10 to ensure maximum fun and skill development!

  • Flow riders have the fundamentals dialed but are not confident on technical or challenging sections. Flow rides will focus on specific skills each week. Combining skills as we go and building endurance.
    Maximum 10 riders.

  • Shredders have the fundamentals dialed and will learn advanced maneuvers to take their riding to the next level. Trails are selected to introduce challenges at an appropriate pace.
    Maximum 10 riders.

  • EPIC (20+ kms) is for highly skilled riders confident on technical single track and want to go the distance. Riders will have not only the fitness and endurance to stay the course, but the skills to match.
    Maximum 6 riders.


Registration will charge the ABA Insurance and Club Kick Back. There is not an option to select only the Club Kick Back.

Anyone who has ABA Insurance with another club wanting to join, will be placed on the wait list.
It’s important to us that riders who want to register for WOW only/ first, get first dibs.


what to bring / wear

  • Mountain Bike - full suspension or hard tail (hybrids or commuters are not appropriate for mtb trails)

  • Helmet (mandatory)

  • Clothing for the weather

  • Gloves (recommended)

  • Shoes (clipless or flat and must be close toed)

  • Pads/Armour (optional)

  • Chamois (aka padded shorts; recommended)

  • BELL


  • Ride responsibly, yield properly, respect closures

  • Always be in control of your bike

  • Be courteous to other trail users and their pets

  • Leave no trace - no littering / no skidding

  • Plan ahead, be prepared, carry your own tools, and be self-sufficient



what to pack

  • Tube (26", 27.5", or 29" depending on your tire size)

  • Tire pump (hand held)

  • C02 cartridge

  • Tire leavers

  • Chain link (9, 10, 11, or 12 speed depending on your drive train)

  • Multitool

  • Hydration pack / water bottle

  • Sunscreen and bug spray

WOW Rider Tara loving the fall riding.

WOW Rider Tara loving the fall riding.