Sweet Skills MTB Coaching

So many years ago I was on a new (to me) GT I-Drive bike pointed down a mountain side.
Ok, it was more of a hill, but we were in Kamloops, so mountain. “See you at the bottom!” the guys said.
I looked around at the other newbies to this so-called “fun” sport and we all just stared. “How do we get to the bottom?” was on all our faces.
Thankfully, we had M. An incredible human being with oodles of downhill mountain bike experience.
She taught us the basics to get down safely (sans a few endos because, what’s a front brake?) and we LOVED it.

After the trip, M created a little workshop for us newbies called Sweet Skills.
We spent the afternoon riding around urban areas and trails learning how to brake, balance, corner, and move with our bikes.
I owe M for my love of this crazy fun sport.

We all learn in different ways but being thrown to the wolves (so to speak) isn’t fair.
That’s why Sweet Skills MTB Coaching was created. To give individuals who want to mountain bike the skills to be confident riders and love the sport.
Coaches are certified PMBI (at min, Level One) and group sizes will always be small for better experience.


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